Unlocking Joy: The Profound Link Between Sports and Our Quest for Happiness

Unlocking Joy: The Profound Link Between Sports and Our Quest for Happiness

When we started our activewear apparel business in Singapore in 2022, we’ve decided that the purpose of our brand is to bring happiness to everyone in the world through sports and fitness. Happiness, that’s what sports brought to us over the years, and we’ve benefited from it tremendously. As we deepen our love to sports, we started to think about the meaning of “happiness”. Often, we're led to believe that happiness is all about the big laughs or the wide smiles. However, have we ever thought about what constitutes true happiness? Is it merely the physical expression of joy, or does it encompass a broader spectrum of our emotional wellbeing? In this exploration, we journey through our own intersection of sports and happiness, uncovering how this relationship profoundly impacts our mental health and overall wellbeing.

What is Happiness? Beyond the Surface

Traditionally, happiness has been depicted as a state of constant euphoria, a continuous stretch of positive emotions marked by smiles and laughter. However, contemporary psychological research suggests that true happiness goes beyond these superficial markers. It encompasses a deep satisfaction with life, a sense of purpose, and an acceptance of all our emotions—both joyful and challenging.

Happiness is not about negating or ignoring the spectrum of human emotions but respecting and navigating through them wisely. This emotional agility allows us to face life's ups and downs with resilience, making happiness a complex, multi-dimensional state.

For us, happiness is a feeling from surge of emotion when you face with own self.

The Sports Connection: More Than Just a Game

We love doing different sports. Hiking, trail running, cycling, bouldering, wakeboarding, etc. We never want to be competitive, faster, or stronger on any of the sports. Rather, we just want to feel that sport, the movement of our bodies and the ups and downs of our emotions during the interactions with it.

I still remember when I finished my first 50k trail running race in Hong Kong and my first marathon in Singapore, the moments I crossed the finishing lines, I had the surge of emotions and I cried. I cried not because the successes of the race completions. I cried because I was thanking my body and I said: “thank you for not giving up on me.” I was crying and I was the happiest person in the world.

Over the year, we have continued to experience sports and we continue to experience that emotional surge. We become more adventurous in life, and more open and real with our own selves. We truly live and we are happy.

To Readers: A Path to True Joy

As we continue our journey with our activewear brand, our core mission remains to illuminate the path to happiness through the engaging world of sports. We have experienced firsthand the profound emotional richness that comes from physical activities. These sports have not only enhanced our physical health but have also deepened our connection with our inner selves, teaching us to cherish the full spectrum of our emotions.

We encourage you to take the first step. Whether it's lacing up running shoes for a solitary run, joining a local cycling club, or even trying out a new sport like bouldering. Allow yourself the freedom to experience each movement and emotion deeply. Embrace the challenges and the triumphs, the highs and the lows, and let them teach you about resilience, strength, and the joy of being truly connected to what makes you feel alive.

Feel the rush of endorphins, the satisfaction of pushing past your limits, and the overwhelming joy of achieving something you once thought impossible. Let sports be your guide to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life. Don't just chase happiness-live it in every breath and every step on your sporting journey.


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