Why do we exercise? Have you wondered...

Why do we exercise? Have you wondered...

Off the top of my head, a few answers might come up the most:

  • to lose weight
  • to release stress
  • to build a stronger body and mind

Whatever your answer is, I’m guessing that for many people, when we think of “exercise”, the first thing that comes to the mind must be going to the gym day after day, fighting against the inevitable feeling of boredom.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against this concept of exercise. Quite the opposite, I respect the level of commitment and self-discipline demonstrated.

But what I’m trying to say is… does it make exercise sound a little bit like a task? Or another check box on the to-do list that we need to tick off, or a job that we need to catch up with every day. And what if, occasionally, we cannot get the job done? We feel guilty, and blame ourselves for being lazy and lousy. We roast ourselves, why can’t I be more disciplined like the others (probably mostly those KOLs on Instagram whose job is to exercise and maintain the perfect body)?

But it’s not what exercise is all about, is it?

I believe most of us have experienced this at some point. After finishing a session of exercise, especially if it’s a hard one, we walk out feeling like riding a train of joy. We can’t stop the smile on the face and start saying “Hi” to total strangers. Our minds are running exceptionally fast, and new ideas or solutions just start coming up automatically once we sit down at work – and we even type on the keyboard faster! 

That’s the effect of exercises that we want to go after.

After all, we can set tasks for ourselves, but tasks have got to be completed at a point. We cannot forever be driven by tasks. Even if we manage to do that with an ultra-strong mind , we can hardly enjoy the process itself.  

But if we manage to find the joy in exercises, things become a lot different. Exercises will no longer be associated with “boring” “hard” or “pressure.” Instead, it becomes a splash of joy and a source of energy. Essentially, it becomes a way for us to play.

And that, we believe, is the very essence of exercises.

That’s also where ButterBee’s passion lies: to help more people find the fun in doing sports and feel the new energy injected by moving your body. We want you to, like us, see exercises as a way to play, and we want to inspire you to enjoy your time to play.


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