Founded by two people who discovered life-transforming happiness and freedom in outdoor sports, our connection with the Planet Earth runs deep since the moment we were born.

The mother nature as our ultimate playground, offering a vast greatness to explore and enjoy. And the least we could do in return is to minimize our impact, and leave all the other creatures to live and thrive.

That's why, at ButterBee, we're committed to doing everything we can to minimize our impact on the earth. From fabric to packaging, no detail is too small.

It is not easy for a start-up brand in the clothing industry, and we're far from being perfect. But we're constantly making progress, albeit small, to get where we hope to be.


Fabrics Sourcing

Whenever viable, we prioritize fabrics made from recycled materials such as post-consumption plastic bottles. However, it is important to us that we don't compromise our standards for quality and comfort. We firmly believe in striking the perfect balance between sustainability and crafting exceptional products.

Fabric Stock Optimization

It's astonishing how much fabric goes to waste at the garment factory due to surplus. We tackle this issue by placing small batch orders. It allows us to utilize the surplus stock to create new and captivating pieces, effectively reducing fabric waste (and we only use the nicest fabrics!)

No detail is too small

Coming from outside of garment industry means we don't have to 100% follow existing industry practices. We take full advantage of that to cut back on certain details that's environmentally consuming but not entirely necessary - such as hang tags, and pick materials that produce less impact - such as the paper packing bags.