We are an lifestyle activewear brand that offers happiness.

Exercise isn’t just about burning calories. It’s a way to play, to feel alive, and to experience the rush of endorphins and dopamine that comes with movement.

How do we offer happiness? We do it by being meticulous about two things: fabric and design.

We carefully select premium, tech-empowered fabrics to suit different activities. Then we combine them with the designs that have a tremendous amount of thoughts gone into both silhouettes and details. That’s how we get quality.

Our pieces can be easily blended into your everyday life. And that’s how we help you blend more movements (a.k.a. happiness) into your life.


By seamlessly blend style, function, and quality in our activewear, with our mother Earth in mind.

Creative Style

Versatile Functions

Premium Quality

Mother-Earth In Mind


When your attention's all on your movement, that's a moment of serenity for the mind

Move, jump, stretch - just play! your body is waking up. Bubbles of happiness start to emerge

With sweat comes the smile. All the stress is gone. What's left in your heart is only the sense of joy

Stronger body and good mood gives you more confidence. You're ready to take on new challenges!

Dare to dream, and dare to be yourself. Nothing can restrain you anymore. You're unfettered!

What's your mood? Go explore and find out!


"ButterBee embodies our personal transformation journey.

We used to be fearful of taking risks and constantly seeking to conform. It was through outdoor sports, especially hiking/trailrunning, that we experienced the earth-shattering liberty of mind and boundless happiness.

Playing in the mountains also allowed us to break through our shells and found our authentic selves. It helped us see clearly who we are, and the value we wish to bring to the world.

The experience of transformation fuelled our courage to launch ButterBee. By bringing to the world our thoughtfully designed activewear made in meticulously selected fabric, we hope to inspire more people to play, and to embrace the joy and freedom that comes with it."

-- Claudia & Wentao, founders of ButterBee